Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Watch’ Online (S07E01) Live Stream


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Watch Online Live Streaming: With the last episode of season 6, we finally know many things but before game of thrones season 7 episode 1 release date, we have many questions crawling in our mind. From new Queen Cersei to Jon Snow, we have many question that will clear only when we watch game of thrones season 7 episode 1 online on April 2016. But before that there are many game of thrones season 7 episode 1 spoilers crawled over social sites and internet.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Watch Online Live Stream

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Online:

Season 6 end was out of the box, removing and creating suspense. But the biggest thing was when the whole group was blasted under a single roof by the doctor on the order of Queen Cersei (at that moment she was not a queen but mother of king). That was what you can say a game changing plan. Blasted all haters and rulers all at once. After that the little king also suicide because not able to stop his mother to do something cruel and the bad thing was she do not cry at death of her last son.

Also in the last episode of season 6, we saw Daenerys was shipping with her army and dragons towards the westeros. I think we will see her in same condition (means in ships) heading towards westeros. But according to spoilers she will meet Jon and that means may be she do not land on westeros and before that she and Jon Snow will unite and fight as one. Game of Thrones season 7 leaked pictures shows that Daenerys  will meet Jon Snow. If they unite as one, there will be a chance that they can stand against the army of dead.

Watch game of thrones season 7 episode 1 online

On the other hand, Jon Snow also became new king in the north “White Wolf”. This is also a big thing for the upcoming wars. But last we checked, the last king in the north was betrayed by his trusted ones. This is also a thing to notice if we want Jon Snow alive and not dead again. The north territories are with Jon Snow and their armies too kneeing before the new king in the north. This is bad for new Queen Cersei of 7 kingdoms.

We also not forget our magic boy Brad Stark. He is also powerful now after suffering big things. But now he is so powerful and will do many things in the war. Also he know the real identity of Jon Snow and also about his real parents. This is also a big thing. But one thing we want to watch is whether he tell Jon about Jon’s real identity or not and if not then their may be a big game plan in his mind. Last we saw him near the wall. He was staring at the wall and also that great tree. The question is what will be his next move. That will be revealed in game of thrones season 7 streaming.

Arya Stark last seen was heading towards her brother with full of power and want of killing. But according to spoilers, she will not go directly to Winterfell and in episode 1 she will met Red Lady (Red Priestess). People really want to watch game of thrones season 7 to know about what will happen next. Well talking about Arya Stark, she will be in full bad ass mood to kill and revenge her father and family. Next thing you want to see Arya killing in king’s landing.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Online Live Stream

In last episode of season 6, Sansa Stark was with her brother ready to rule in the north. With King in the north Jon Snow, she will rule to her motherland Winterfell. After learning how to become “no one” she becomes more stronger. Now the thing to watch is if she join her brother the King in the north “White Wolf Jon Snow” and fight for revenge.

In the very first episode of season 7, there may be a chance that Brienne and Pod both might have an encounter with the Hound and the Brotherhood, but as we said only a chance it is very might be condition that would fight each other that time.

There was a prediction over the internet and social media going on about how Jamie Lannister will die by the Queen’s soldier The Mountain under the order of Cersei Lannister in Season 7 and The Hound, Brienne, Pod and Bron all may team up together for the purpose of killing The Mountain. Well this might happen because in the last episode of season 6 a Shocked Jamie is seen staring at Cersei after he sees her becoming protector of the realm and sitting on the Throne. It seemed that he was not in the favor of this and act like under the impression of not knowing that person.

In upcoming season, he may try to leave her but she might end up killing him in the process. But it is very unlikely that we will see that happen in the first episode. What might happen in the first episode is that Jamie may end start arguing with Cesreifor killing half of the people by destroying the Sept of Baelor with wildfire. This may led to him ending his relationship with her.

Game of Thrones S07 E01 Live

We also saw littlefinger sitting at a corner out of eye catching area with a silent tone, when even was screaming “King in the North”. But who knows what he was thinking or planning with Jon and Sansa for next big plan. May be he is planing to change Sansa’s mind to betray his brother and make her own army in order to betray Sansa after that to rule an army and be safe from his enemy. But after all things he did to her family and also with her, she knows all about littlefingure. She can’t let her to do wrong things anymore. But if she does than we have to watch how she will survive without Jon and fight in future. Do you think it’s really possible? In the first episode we might see Jon and Sansamourning over rickon as it was not shown in season 6.

Big possibility that we will see White Walkers in very first episode of season 7. According to Game of Thrones novels, it clearly mentioned that the night king is Stark, it may end up getting revealed in the upcoming season. But there are little chances of something this big will happen in first episode.

Sam with Gilly will stay for a while in oldtown and continue the training to become master at the Citadel in very first episode. Big possibility is that in season 7 he may end up by Jon’s side with the new valyrian steel sword.

Jorah Mormont will also be in action in the upcoming season, but not in first episode. He possibly ends up at the citadel at oldtown for cure. And it is quite possible that he meet up with Sam and Gilly and this may be way how Jon and Daenerys get acquainted in the future, but it’s a long shot.

Alert! Season 7 New Teaser Trailer Information

As we know there are no official confirmations about the trailers and promos by HBO, on 26th November 2016, HBO released a look for Game of Thrones Season 7. A teaser trailer for the fans, just a few pictures to increase fans excitement for season 7. Game of Thrones will return in mid of June of in very first week of July. The teaser is 6 seconds long and a fan shared some pictures on twitter. Check out below.

  1. Arya Stark riding a horse heading towards north may be to meet her brother and king in the north Jon Snow.
  2. Jon Snow looking little bit concerned, but about what?
  3. Sansa is also looking in some action in this video.

Starks are reuniting again and this time they will be more bad-ass for all their enemy.


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  1. Season 8 starts filming in Sept 2017. I think 8 seasons of GOT is enough to finish the series. Running for decades, like the Simpson/South Park/Gunsmoke, would be a waste of time and money.

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